Aquaterra Energy has successfully completed the installation of two 4” & 6” Pipeline Riser Assemblies for a major West African operator. Aquaterra Energy was responsible for the design and project management of all phases of the project from conceptual design through to offshore installation and commissioning of the risers and interconnecting pipelines.

The 4” gas riser and the 6” oil export risers were safely installed in Block 2 offshore Angola on the Lombo East and Cavala platforms, both situated in approx 25 metre water depths. The risers were “piggy backed” off a 12” diameter supporting member which provided structural strength to the risers and also minimised potential for vortex induced vibration (VIV).  The riser assemblies were installed with minimal upset to ongoing platform operations; through careful planning and proactive management, platform shutdowns were not required.

The overall project was considered a great success. A client representative quoted “The Lombo East and Cavala Riser installation went exceedingly well. Aquaterra Energy did a great job with a thorough understanding of the diver’s requirements and the sometimes trying conditions and limitations of working offshore in Africa.  As on any job, problems were encountered but they were dealt with practically and efficiently.”

Glen Kettless, Project Engineer with Aquaterra Energy, was extremely pleased with the performance of all personnel involved in the project. “The project was extremely interesting with many engineering, logistical & operational challenges that required sensitive project management. Aquaterra Energy is delighted to have been involved in the safe and successful delivery of this project”.

Following the success of the Lombo East & Cavala riser installations, Aquaterra Energy are currently working on another riser project with the same client. Two 10” risers will be installed in Block 3 offshore Angola in water depths of 100metres; completion of the project is scheduled for the last quarter of 2010.