Pico International Petroleum Services approached us in 2015 to engineer, design and fabricate a Sea Swift solution as the new Amal-C platform located in the Gulf of Suez, Egypt. The scope of work included additional upgrades to the existing Amal-B platform, an unmanned facility.

The new platform was needed to provide service and facilities for Amal-B, which had previously supplied by a SEWOP vessel. It was also required to produce from new wells and commingle all well fluids for onward transmission via a newly installed pipeline.

The platform was served by three risers, initially intended to export gross production via the 8” line and import water and gas via 2 off 4” lines. However, at the point when Aquaterra Energy were involved, all three lines were running at capacity, exporting gross production chemistry.

The Brownfield development of Amal-B involved increasing the well count from three single string and two dual string production wells. The existing arrangement was not suitable to accommodate this additional capacity or provide the necessary connections to the adjoining platform.