On 10th June, Prof. David MacKay, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was presented with the Energy Institute’s prestigious Melchett Award.  MacKay’s role is to ensure DECC’s policies, operations and contributions to wider government issues are in line with leading scientific and engineering advice.

Prof MacKay was recently appointed Regius Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University, following a 10 year professorship in Cambridge University’s Department of Physics.

Aquaterra Energy established offices in Cambridge in 2011.  Senior analyst at Aquaterra Energy in Cambridge is Dr Andrew Lennon, a Cambridge University graduate, who has been instrumental in forging close links with Cambridge University Engineering Department. The links provide Aquaterra Energy with access to world leading research and specialist expertise. Programmes to date include developing a Knowledge Transfer Secondment scheme with a Research Associate working full-time on a project designed to deal with fundamental questions about computation for fluid-structure loading. In addition, Aquaterra Energy supported two final year (MEng) student projects in 2012–2013.