Opportunities for engineers in the oil and gas industry continue to grow and the issues relating to the shortage of available candidates for skilled engineering roles is never far from the headlines but recent reports have pointed to the growth in many other career opportunities within the sector too.

In a recent Hays Oil and Gas Job Index the UK is described as a ‘hotbed for engineering and procurement’, with its booming industry and shortage of highly qualified recruits.  Not only does the Index point to excellent opportunities for engineers in the UK, Scotland in particular, but, with legislation compliancy a critical issue, it goes on to emphasise that quality, health, safety and environmental experts are increasingly in demand too.

Ernst & Young’s latest oil and gas industry report places health, safety and environment at the top of the industry’s risk agenda.  The report confirms that safety and environmental risk preparedness and mitigation are vital for long-term sustainability, especially in light of corporate social responsibility priorities, economic challenges and regulatory pressures.

Results of this report are no surprise to an industry for which QHSE is pivotal to sustainability.  As an integral player in the oil and gas supply chain, Aquaterra Energy is responsible for ensuring the highest standards in health and safety procedures are maintained by its team at all times.  The company maintains a strong focus on QHSE issues and is always looking for ways to improve on its already exceptional record.