Thanks to advancements in new technology which are helping the oil and gas industry to become bigger, deeper, faster and more efficient, “peak oil” concerns are diminishing. The ability to find and produce unreachable hydrocarbons in deepwater and the role of hydraulic fracturing in shale formations have been the most visible revolutionary advancements in recent years with other high-tech developments adding to the innovations.

In addition, a recent report by London Environmental Investment Forum states that water technology requirements of oil and gas giants are growing considerably as they move into more water-scarce regions and as new regulations are introduced on the treatment of wastewater.

Stewart Maxwell, Technical Director at Aquaterra Energy, added: “As we know innovation in technology is driving growth in the energy industry and throughout the supply chain development of more effective, more efficient and safer ways of extracting oil and gas are top of the agenda.  Aquaterra Energy’s team of highly qualified and skilled engineers have hands-on offshore experience and demonstrable technical ability which gives them the advantage of understanding the pressures and challenges of the offshore environment.  They are able to, as a result, implement Aquaterra Energy’s seamless delivery of its innovative offshore solutions.”