Carbon capture and storage is making energy news headlines almost daily, as one of the most effective technologies to reduce hard to decarbonise emissions, meet global net zero goals and tackle climate change.

The UK government’s stated aim for CCS activity by 2030 is ten megatons of CO2 per year, but there are significant barriers to overcome before this target starts to look achievable.

Are you curious about the challenges associated with offshore CCS projects and the different approaches for future projects to reach your decarbonisation targets?

Watch the recording to learn about the role of wells and platforms in CCS projects and just how the knowledge and expertise of the traditional offshore oil and gas industry will be transferrable in this new era of offshore energy.

What’s covered:

  • Subsea storage sites for CO2 and safe well re-entry to address integrity issues
  • Minimum facility platforms for CO2 injection and modification of existing platforms and a use case example
  • The long term management of CO2 such as monitoring, measurement and verification