A conference on 5th March will see industry leaders from across the world meet in Aberdeen to set the agenda for addressing the impact of human risk in the oil and gas industry. The conference is expected to be attended by 400 delegates from across the globe.

Lord Cullen, a senior member of the Scottish judiciary, will deliver a keynote speech called “Another Perspective on Risk – The Next Tipping Point”. Lord Cullen is known for his landmark inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster of 1988.

Chris Webb, QHSE and Business Improvement Manager for Aquaterra Energy, said: “This international conference is the first of its kind for our industry and welcomed by all as the structured progression resulting from the enquiry that followed the Piper Alpha disaster.

“Health, safety and environment are absolutely central to all of our operations at Aquaterra Energy and we welcome continued discussion and debate within the industry and, indeed, the wider community, in helping to ensure that the industry maintains the highest possible standards.”