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Genna Eudo-Mitchell

Design Manager - Platforms

I have worked as an Engineer for the past 15 years. The first two years in aviation, the following 13 year have been spent within in oil and gas, and more specifically in the structural design of topsides. I then transitioned into Design Management three years ago.

I joined Aquaterra Energy on the first day of the March 2020 lockdown in the UK, and that was challenging. Starting a new job at any time can be a little daunting but starting from  home further magnified the challenge of having to prove oneself! But I had nothing to worry about – the Aquaterra Energy team were extremely supportive, both in making me feel welcome, as well as incorporating me into the management team.

In my managerial role here at Aquaterra Energy, I have had the opportunity to grow and further my knowledge in a vast array of engineering disciplines. The learning curve has been steep but thoroughly enjoyable, as when in engineering one must to be always growing and learning!

In my first year I have also had the opportunity to be involved in Business Development, which has also broadened my horizons to other areas of the business. I’m able to interact and create relationships with potential clients around the world – something I have thoroughly enjoyed, and no doubt will continue to do.

Aquaterra Energy also encourages their employees to became involved in different facets of the business, depending on personal career interest and career development. I for one find the energy transition very attractive and feel that the company has openly welcomed the support from me for this, which I am really enjoying.