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Will Longworth

An established Unit Business Leader, who joined us via our graduate scheme.

I’ve been with the company for nine years having graduated from Loughborough University in 2014 with a Masters in civil engineering.

There can be no denying that I joined the oil and gas industry as it crashed, however three years on amidst widespread turmoil within the sector, I can honestly say this has been a fantastic place to work over the period. We are only getting busier and busier and with a much less gloomy outlook over the industry as a whole I would have no misgivings about joining the company as a graduate now.  

Working within a relatively small company there is plenty of opportunity to take on significant responsibility very quickly, this is not something to be perturbed by however as you will always find someone willing to help you through any difficulties. If you are looking for a workplace that is going to nourish your development then I couldn’t recommend Aquaterra Energy more.

This sentiment is followed through with their approach to Chartership with your chosen institute, you won’t be forced through the process as you might working in some companies but if you are personally motivated you will find excellent support available.

Travel is part and parcel of the oil and gas industry, depending on which department you choose to join within the company you can be almost certain of some opportunity to do so. Personally I have spent a significant amount of time, approximately 6 months, working in Egypt in my early years with Aquaterra Energy, an experience that was not only exciting but has also changed my outlook on the world quite considerably. I am now working on a project off the north coast of Australia which could see me spend a little bit of time there too, not a trip to be turned down.

All in all I have had a very enjoyable career so far at Aquaterra Energy and look forward to many more year here.