Aquaterra Energy has raised its profile once again in South East Asia, providing a 250 tonne Tension Table to a client in Malaysia.

The project follows on from previous work in the region which involved the supply of 30“centralisers for stabilising the environment conductor within the jacket.

The 250 tonne safe working load tension table is a bespoke design, devised by Aquaterra’s experienced engineers to suit the client’s requirements for the well and their operations. The low profile tension system was designed to sit on top of the rotary table, supporting the 26” conductor at an optimum working height during cementing operations.

The use of the tension table allowed the top drive system and bail arms to be uncoupled from the elevators whilst the cement was setting, which was a fundamental benefit to the client. “This saved rig time and allowed other rig operations to progress, ” commented Aquaterra Project Engineer Ben Cannell.

The table’s 4 off 100t hydraulic cylinder jacks were also designed to be changeable to suit variable stretch requirements and the system employs marine safe hydraulic fluid, which is suitable for use in all areas of the world.

The success of this project signifies another step forward into the Malaysian market for Aquaterra Energy.